Aerial photos from a plane allows for a much larger area to be captured per photo and allows for large areas to be photographed faster and more efficiently than if done by drone.

Costs vary depending on several factors. Let us know what your project entails and we'll get back to you with the estimate.

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Rates, Fees & Discounts

Drone Photography and Video: $150 per hour, 15 minute increments, plus 1/2 time travel. For this you will receive all the photos taken during that time in their original format.

Photo and Video Editing: $75 per hour

Aerial Photography for large properties or areas: If it makes more sense to use a plane to reach higher elevations for the photos we'll get you a custom estimate as rates may vary.

Real Estate Agents & "Frequent Flyers": Pre-Order & pay for five sessions and receive a 20% discount on the photos & video.

A2Z Computing Services, Inc. website hosting clients also receive a 20% discount on the photos & video!