Aerial Photos of Maine

Taking your pictures from new heights!


As we mentioned on the top page of the site, we try to combine multiple customers into the flights that we do in the areas scheduled. This keeps the costs down and we pass that savings onto you.

  • For one customer the cost would be $300
  • For two customers the cost would be $200 each
  • For three customers the cost would be $150 each
  • For four customers the cost would be $125 each
  • For five or more customers the cost would be $100 each

What you get

A DVD with a copy of all the photos we took of your property that pass our quality standards and a license to use the photos in any manner you wish in print or digital form. Depending on wind turbulence, humidity, weather, size of your property and ease of visibility from the air the number of photos you will receive normally ranges from 10 to 25 high resolution, high quality aerial images. We guarantee you at a minimum the requested aerial shot you specified on the request form.

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